I am Manish Ray from Cuttack, Odisha (currently living in Bangalore) is a digital marketing consultant and trainer. I own a digital marketing blog named Mangold, where I share different topics on digital marketing.
Experience: I have more than 20 years of experience in content development, digital marketing, and marketing communication. Currently, I am working as a digital marketing consultant and at times, I drive digital marketing seminars and workshops in a few colleges in Bangalore. I worked for Societe Generale and Hewlett Packard, where I learned about marketing communication and content development.

How I got into digital marketing

I never joined any digital marketing institute. In late 1999, when Yahoo was the only search engine, I came to know about the Internet, and at the same time, I learned how to make money from email reading. I joined Inbox Dollars, and soon I left since it was not that lucrative.
I kept exploring the Internet to know more about online earning methods. I joined some companies and never earned money. I had no clue about SEO, affiliate marketing, and blogging. Even after lost money, I was still on the search to make money. After five years of self-learning, I got my concept cleared, and then there is no looking back.

About my blogging site (Mangoid):

This is not my first site, before Mangoid, I had two sites, which got closed due to lack of time and dedication. What I meant by this, to run a successful blog, you need a team that can help your blog running without any hassle.
Now I have a team, who helps me in content writing and promotion. I hope this time I will make it a success. Please support my blog by subscribing or even share my blog with your friends.
Thanks for your time to read this post.