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Get the latest list of article submission sites [Oct 2020]

List of 50 article submission sites

Are you looking for the latest list of Article submission sites? Do not fret, I will share a list of Article submission sites with you all, that will help you on link building.

Article submission sites assist your business in publishing and promoting your content on an article viewing site. It helps you in enhancing the ranking of your website in the search engine while growing the website traffic. When you add the right keyword, the rank in your search engine is further increased. Apart from all this through these methods, you can enhance the awareness about your brand and your products. As per survey report, your article submission in those article submission sites can make your articles to get the top rank in the first page of the Google and your chances are more if you include some relevant mid or long-tail keywords.

This method is one of the most efficient off-page SEO techniques that draw more traffic to your website. The main aim of article submission is running an unpaid campaign to drive some of the most potential leads to your website. In this blog, I will shed some light about article submission sites and how it will benefit you in your SEO campaign.

What is article submission?

It is a process of submission of premium quality articles based on your websites in some of the high-quality and popular websites as well as directories. The only purpose of submitting articles is to enhance the search engine ranking of your websites or your blog along with increasing website traffic. Over the Internet, you will find a large number of article submission sites and for your benefits, most of the article submission sites are free of cost and less are available with paid options.

Among all the off-page SEO techniques, article submission is one of the most efficient, trustworthy and easily accessible methods. For article submission, you will get two options that link no follow and link do-follow. Based on the kind of visitors that your business needs to drive, you can choose from the options available.

Why you should submit an article?

You must know that your online business article submission holds a very strong position. We are living in the age of developed technology as well as digital marketing where we are using variable tactics for increasing the website popularity and receive more traffic.

In this Off-page SEO technique, all you have to do is write the best quality article and then publish it in some relevant third party website to enhance traffic, brand awareness and relevant Backlinks.
Article submission is one of the budding methodologies among all the techniques available. In the coming years the power of submitting an article in some of the potential article submission sites as one of the important digital marketing tools will enhance and its chance to become obsolete is very less.

When you submit a relevant article based on your business and add in some popular article submission directories, you can easily attract a large number of audiences to your website within less time as well as financial efforts. Several article submission sites assist you in marketing your articles free of cost. Generate some relevant content that offers the most valuable insight about your online business and it assists you in building trust with your potential consumers. Give a reason for your leads to visit your website again and enhance the rate of conversion.

How to write an article with these steps

Before I describe the steps to submit an article in some of the good article submission sites, you should know what type of article you should generate:

  1. Write a unique article with all relevant information along with the required keywords
  2. Keep the article short, to the point and crispy
  3. Create tag and titles that can be easily detectable
  4. Make the article user-friendly by including nice headings, sub-headings, along with bullet points and numbers
  5. Never make the mistake of submitting the article in several directories as it can show duplicity

Steps for article submission sites

  1. Select an article submission site and make an account by doing registration
  2. Once you complete registration, click on the submit button that directs you to the article submission form
  3. Fill up all the details in the form like the body, caption, author, keywords, etc and the schedule a release time and date
  4. In the body, category write the article
  5. Now click on the submit button to submit the article

Now that you got some insights for article submission. You can do it in the same fashion for other article sites.

Top article submission site (Need approval)

Article submission sites have a huge importance in this digital world because of assisting in the promotion of content. The article submission is becoming more and more useful because of a large number of article submission sites. Most of the websites available are free of cost and thus, you don’t have to spend much for enhancing your rankings in search engines. But before you start selecting the article submission sites, you should have an understanding of the category f your website or the article and the kind of visitors you need.

Article submission sites with instant approval

At present, there are several article submission sites available that allow instant approval of your article. It will assist you in increasing the efficacy of your off-page SEO technique. Instant approval increases the speed of article submission by eliminating the waiting time after submitting articles. Your article gains popularity at a much faster rate.
So, wrapping up the blog, I must say that article submission sites are an essential tool not only for big companies but also for bloggers and all individuals looking for good rankings of their sites or blogs. Submit a well-written content in any of the high DR article submission sites and receive varied Backlinks and traffic.

Here is the list of article submission sites

 Instant Approval Article Submission SitesDAPATypes of siteSpam scoreMonthly visitors,29M
article submission sites

Hope you liked my article submission site list. This is the latest list, I am sharing with you guys. To me, article submission not only gives you visitors but also fetches business. If you are looking for Web 2.0 list, you can check my latest web 2.0 list



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