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Blog directory submission list [Oct 2020]

Blog submission directories

Are you facing difficulty in getting eyes on your blog? One of the best ways to get your blog visible to many is by submitting in some good blog submission directory. These directories are websites that categorize your blogs under various categories. But you should keep in mind that they do not search engines and people cannot find your blog on them, but they can go to the particular categories and find your blog.

Most of the directories are under human supervision which means every blog that you submit has to go through review by a person and he or she is responsible for deciding whether your blog will be there in the directory or not. So, it’s vital for you to avoid all publishing mistakes as much as possible while writing your posts for directories. Not only the blog capitulation directories assist your blog to reach your potential customers but also help your post to get good rankings in search engines.

What is blog submission

Basically, this is the process of submitting your website along with its details on the internet in a selected directory and under the required category. These assist you in relevant link building. It is one of the important off-page factors that allow you to optimize your webpage. There are three kinds of directory submission

  1. Paid submission: Here the owner of the directory sites will charge a fee for submission and approval time is minimum. Some sites also offer a package on a yearly or lifetime basis.
  2. Free directory submission: In this kind of directory submission, there is no charge for submission and so also there is no guarantee of approval.
  3. Reciprocal submission: In this kind of directory submission, you have to submit a reciprocal link when you activate the directory link. After that only your post or link gets approval. (I do not recommend this)

Benefits of blog submission

If you are a new blogger and know little about the importance and benefits of high DA blog submission sites, then have a look at these benefits.

  • Best quality Backlinks: Every SEO technique involves all opportunities to obtain the best quality Backlinks for your blog or website. Without good quality backlinks, you cannot get a high ranking in the search engine result pages.
  • Enhances your exposure: The blog directories having high DA plays a vital role in providing you with more traffic and exposure. When you write a blog, ensure it is of good quality, with a good readability score, and with relevant information. A large number of internet users come to the blog directories to get some relevant content.
  • Increase your domain authority: Domain authority is one of the important factors for your blog. When a blog possesses high DA, it gets high rank easily by Google and remains in the topmost position of various search engines.

Please find my list on blog directory submission sites

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So, by now you must get a clear idea on blog submission sites and its importance. Write the best quality blog and publish it in some of the selected directories. It provides you with good quality backlinks and high domain authority.

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