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We all know how crucial backlink is for SEO activities. As an SEO professional, you must be searching for Directory submission sites, which you can leverage for your link building. In this blog post, I have shared the top 20 directory submission sites with spam scores. Is your blog or website not getting a good amount of visitors? Well! Then submit your website to the directory submission site. Not only this drives traffic to your website but also assists you to make premium quality backlinks for your website. Now it is important to realize what is it and how it helps you in enhancing rankings in search engine rank pages?

What is directory submission

In simple words, a directory submission site is a website that keeps your website/blog information in the same fashion as a telephone directory. It enhances your ranking, the domain authority and assists to create more traffic thereby bringing in more traffic. Not to mention, it is among one of the most effective off-page SEO techniques.

The first thing to remember is that you have to be extra cautious in choosing directory submission sites and avoid offering links to directories is spam. There are three types of directories and you have to choose as per your needs:

  • Free directory submission sites: This is the free version of the directory submission sites but to clarify, there is no certainty that your submission will get approval. So, creating backlinks will take time.
  • Paid directory submission sites: This is the paid version of the directory submission site. In this case, you will pay a particular amount of money and they will offer you backlinks within a day.
  • Reciprocal directory submission sites: In this category, you have to adjoin a link on your blog or your website, before you get the approval from the site administrator. Once they get evidence of it, they will initiate the process.

With the most compelling evidence, here are the top four benefits of directory submission:

  1. Your website/blog gets the required exposure that assists in SEO rankings.
  2. The efficient backlinks you obtain help in enhancing your value and assist you in getting the right li
  3. Guaranteed and rapid indexing of your website or blog in search engines starts when you submit your post or article.
  4. It is important to realize that using the perfect keywords in your post assist visitors in finding your post rapidly and enhance your traffic

How it helps in SEO backlink

Well! To enumerate how directory submission helps in SEO backlink, the first thing to remember is by listing your site in some of the popular directories, your blog or website gets the necessary exposure online. It increases the search engine rankings and helps in building effective backlinks. It provides you with an edge in link diversity but to emphasize, make sure to choose the best high DA directories site.

So, generate more traffic for your website using the best keywords in your post to get a good position in the search engine listings. This will helps you getting all targeted visitors thereby enhancing the site ranking. In this list, I have listed some of the high DA directory submission sites, which you can use for backlink purposes, but be wise when you choose the directory submission list. Please check the spam score and then decide.

Free directory submission sites list

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Hope you will like this post. Should you need any further info on directory submission let us know.

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