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Best 150 free forum submission sites list

150 free forum submission site

Forum submission sites are one of the best platforms for discussing any topics online. If you are looking for enhancing the credibility and the authority of your website, then an authentic forum submission site is the best place for you.

The first thing to remember, there are forums of varied niches like Finance, Fitness, Education, Technology, SEO etc. After scrutinizing 500 plus sites, I have curated and shared the best 150 free forum submission sites list. Consequently, you have to select the most suitable site based on your website niche. But before you select any site, please check link type (Do follow/No follow), DA, PA, Spam Score, category, and age.

Here is how you need to select forum posting site:
• DA: 30 plus
• PA: 30 plus
• Spam score: Less than 10
• Age: At least 2 years
• Link type: Go for both Do Follow and No Follow
• Category: As per your choice

These sites would enhance the backlink of your website, web authority and drive a good amount of traffic. When you discuss your topic, you get a big number of audiences on your website. Let us dig deeper and try to understand more about forum submission.

What is Forum Submission

Forum submission is a part of off-page optimization, where you join a forum, take part in the discussion, and engage your audience by answering forum members. Some forums are single topic-centric wherein some of them are multi topic-centric.

Generally, forum allows members to join any category and choose your topic to answer. But the bottom line is to give a meaningful answer to gain trust and engagement. In other words, Forum is a reliable method to share valuable knowledge in addition to a collection of effective backlinks for your website.

It is important to realize that forum submission helps in creating a connection and developing a rapport with a huge number of visitors with the help of your knowledge as well as expertise that assist them to manage their questions.
All you have to do is select a significant forum that relates to your website or blog niche and initiate a discussion with some relevant points. And of course, never forget to include your site link at the end of your discussion. This will allow people to visit your website.

What you should know about forum posting

Let me be honest with you. Posting an article or answer does not need any technical skills. You just need to create content and publish it. Having seen this opportunity many spammers try to abuse. This is why many high ranked forums do not allow any link sharing on forum posting. You can still leverage forum as an SEO activity and take advantage. Be genuine and respect forum guidelines. Choose selected forums and be a dedicated contributor.
When your clients ask for backlink, ask for topic (keywords). Based on keywords you can develop meaningful content and publish.

How does forum posting help you achieving quality backlinks

As I discussed in this post many forum sites do not allow link building, but still some forum sites allow. But again some of them will be Do Follow and some of them No Follow. Another way to get backlink is to add link in your profile also known as a profile signature.
Since forum sites are highly engaged your link can be easily indexed by search engines like Google and Bing.

How can you get traffic

Since you already share links on your post and signature, interested people will click your link and you get traffic. But how you can get huge traffic? Join 5 to 6 high DA/PA site, publish content regularly and you can see healthy visitors.

How does forum posting help in ranking

Since you will get backlink from most of the high DA/PA forum site there is high possibility to get ranking. Added to this you will do follow backlink, since interested people already know about your topic they would love to spend more time on your website, hence time dwelling be more and bounce rate will be low.

Benefits of Forum submission:

  • The most important benefit that you get from a forum submission site is you get high-quality backlinks. There are several forum submission sites you will find in my list that I have shared here. Some of the sites allow you to make backlink by posting questions and answers and some by posting articles.
  • When you post in some relevant forum submission site, you surprisingly boost your website keyword ranking. This, in turn, attracts a large number of organic traffic for your website or blog.
  • It is one of the best SEO tools to increase your website ranking, and reduce the bounce rate.
  • But the first thing to remember is, ensure that you post your discussion only on required category Forum posting sites. If you are doing it perfectly, then you will grab traffic and leads to your website in a short period.

These forum submission sites are Google spider’s most loving platform as these sites contain some rich informational content. When you get a lot of followers on these sites, you can efficiently promote your products and services. Enhance your industry presence and promote your products and services through one of the best tool called Forum submission site.

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