Free affiliate marketing course

Free affiliate marketing course with detailed info 

Are you searching for the free affiliate marketing course, where you can learn and make use of it? Read this affiliate marketing course. It has got 21 chapters and other resources, which you can follow. Cheers!

free affiliate marketing course

|| Sometimes I think of blogging as finger exercises for a violinist; sometimes I think of it as mulching a garden. It is incredibly useful and helpful to my “real” writing. ~Kate Christensen ||

Making money with affiliate marketing sounds like a cakewalk, but the fact is that it is not that simple. You need a proper system or guidance, which you can follow. In this post, I have prepared a free affiliate marketing course.

To make money with affiliate marketing, you not only need a solid system but also require winnable strategies. This is why in this free affiliate marketing course, I have provided foolproof strategies. I will bet you, if follow my affiliate marketing course, you will never fail.

As I told making money is not that easy, however, with the proper plan, you can make huge money but wait a moment. What if someone steals your money? No fretting, this free affiliate marketing course will help you safeguard your income.

Chapter one: Introduction

In today’s world, the Internet is a global marketplace. People search, buy, and sell stuffs. I have discovered five types of audience, who use the Internet.

  1. buyers
  2. sellers
  3. Knowledge seeker
  4. Knowledge sharer
  5. Search for making money

I fall under 5th category, and I believe you guys belong to 5th category as well.

People of all age, search on the Internet how to make money online. There are many opportunities to make money online. People make money from surveys, blogging, video, article writing. However, promising one is affiliate marketing.

Believe it or not, affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make tons of money. You can make really good money. However, some people are skeptical. They often ask themselves, is it possible to make money from affiliate marketing. Let me tell you one thing if you believe in yourself, you make money, if not you will not be able to make even a single penny.

Here are some common questions

I want to make money. But how? Who will guide? How to start affiliate marketing.

affiliate marketing worry











I have seen people asking:

  • I am a beginner
  • I am a non-techie
  • I have heard but never tried
  • I am not a writer
  • I am not a website developer
  • I do not know domain name and hosting
  • I do not know promotion
  • And the list goes on……

Stop worrying now. In this affiliate marketing course, I have done everything for you. You will learn step by step and become a successful affiliate marketer.

You need a couple of things to start affiliate marketing.

  • PC/Laptop
  • Internet connection

In addition, you need bank account and income tax number.

How this free affiliate marketing course is different?

This course will provide you grater detail about each element with the example, so you can implement them. I will provide you all the necessary tools and techniques.

I will share all my knowledge in this course so that you can learn and earn.

Please note: This guide is longer than 6000 words. It will take time to understand. So do not skip this guide.


Chapter two: What is affiliate marketing

Small note: For better understanding, I will be using the topic

“How to lose weight”

For this guide, I will be using this topic for all purposes including strategies, website, content development, traffic, and more. Another thing I will be using words like Blogger and Affiliate marketing. Do not confuse. Blogger and affiliate marketers do the same job. The only difference is that bloggers do not promote the product, where affiliate marketers promote the products and get paid once a consumer buys products from your site. So no confusion.

Let’s start. There are three elements:

  • Merchant (Also known as seller, advertiser)
  • You (Also known as an affiliate marketer or publisher)
  • Buyer (one who buys products)

What is affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is an earning method by selling merchant’s products on your website. It means, when you sell merchant’s product on your site, you get some commission. Basically, it is a commission-based business.

Let me give you an example.

You own a website, that shares information about lose weight. You write articles on lose weight and promote them on social media, and other online platforms.

In each article, you add a link or banner. When your reader or visitors click that banner and purchase some products, you get a commission.

However, the question is who provides that link? Can you add a link on your own and make money? No, you cannot make money. So to get a link (s), you need to approach merchant or company or ad networks. They will verify your website and upon qualified; you will get links/banner from merchant. These links are called affiliate links. You are called an affiliate marketer.

The kind of job you are doing is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketer is also known as publisher. The company or merchant who is promoting know as advertiser. How it works. It is simple.

  1. You add a product link (Your affiliate link)
  2. Visitor purchases product thru your link
  3. Advertiser tracks your ID and confirms
  4. You get paid

Chapter three: Why you should choose affiliate marketing

In this free affiliate marketing course, I have decided to give you significant reasons to start your affiliate marketing career.

I know this question will come to your mind. There are plenty of options to choose from, but why affiliate marketing. Sometimes this question makes you baffled and you lose hope. But wait, I have found some valid reasons.

Here you will find the best reasons to choose affiliate marketing.

Be your own boss. You take all the decisions. Decide your target audience and promote the right product. You build your own system. To do all these, you do not need any specific time. And the juicy part is, you feel inspired and motivated. Self-motivated is a big thing.

Little cost: To start this business you do not need any big amount. It does not even need thousand dollars. You need a domain name, website, hosting, and content writing. Truly speaking, besides website development, you spend approx 10 USD a month. Some people do not even own website and still make money. In this scenario, you may need 5 USD a month.

Once you start earning, your overhead will be low. Literally speaking, there are no such overheads. If you sell 5 to 10 products, you manage your overheads and make profit as well.

Quick money: To make money, it does not take much time. It just happens in a few days, sometimes less than 24 hours. There are many ways to promote your website. You spend time on content, money will follow you.

You can make 1000 US dollars: Let’s do little math. If you earn 20 USD from one product, you need to sell 50 products. However, the question is how to sell 50 products. No need to worry. In this course, I have shown 30 best ways to get traffic and sales. If you try those methods, you certainly make thousands of dollars. But for now, look at this screen. This is from an affiliate marketing network that shows how you can make earn 10000 USD a year

How much i can earn for affiliate marketing










Multi income source: This is the juicy part of affiliate marketing. You can earn even million just from one site. Ask me how? Here is the answer. Join multi affiliate marketing networks. Promote them on your site.  Focus on quality content, right product, right audience, and the right platform to promote.

One-man show: No staff, no employee. You do not need any staff. You drive on your own. But yes, when you own multiple affiliate sites, you may need a team. However, for a single site, you do not need any staff.

Affiliate marketing facts

  • 80% of merchants leverage affiliate marketing technique
  • Over 50% of affiliate marketing programs fall into fashion, sports, health & beauty, and travel.
  • 35% of affiliate marketer earn over 20,000 USD
  • Affiliate marketers prefer to promote 1 to 10 products
  • Amazon Associates one of the most popular affiliate program

Do not you think, it is a win-win for the online business?

Pros and cons of Affiliate marketing

Like any other business, this business has also pros and cons. If you want to be a successful affiliate marketer, you need to be honest and ethical. But what if merchants betray you? All your hard-earned income goes for a toss. Let start


  • Huge income potential
  • You can own multiple sites
  • Build your own brand
  • Marketing collaboration


  • Fake merchants ruin your career
  • Hackers steal your money (Do not worry, I have tools for you)
  • Your competitors try to dump you
  • You do not get full right to sell certain products
  • Fake ad networks promise you traffic and ask you money
  • Scammers and spammer are everywhere

No jittery, I will guide you systematically. Just follow my suggestions and recommendations

Chapter four: Types of affiliate marketing

When you search for affiliate marketing, there is plenty of information on the internet, but the problem is that which one to chose, what the right platform to join.

Chapter four of the free affiliate marketing course will detail the types of affiliate marketing and what would a suitable option for you.

Comparing to yesteryears, today’s affiliate marketing is getting better, transparent, advanced. Now merchants and affiliate marketers have very good relationships. Everything is clear.

More options are there to make money. Let us understand the types of affiliate marketing. To me there four types of affiliate marketing.

  1. Affiliate marketing marketplace (Affiliate network)
  2. Ecommerce affiliate
  3. Individual affiliate
  4. 2-tier affiliate
  5. B2C
  6. B2B

Affiliate marketing marketplace. Also known as affiliate network. A website that has many merchants under a network.

Example: ShareaSale. It is an affiliate marketplace, where merchant (advertiser) can sell their product.


Ecommerce affiliate: It is a typical e-commerce site like Amazon or E-bay. Also known as B2C affiliate marketing.

Individual affiliate: Some merchants do not prefer to be part of any network. They love to manage on their own.

Example: Bluehost. It is a hosting company. They do on their own.

2-tier affiliate: Two-tier means if the first level affiliate marketer introduces another member, and that members sell any product, the first level guy will get a commission.

Example: Dating Factory. This company give 50% commission to its first level and 5% to 2-tier

Chapter five: Affiliate Marketing Platforms

Affiliate marketing is growing by leaps and bounds. So many players, but whom to choose. As I told you earlier, I will suggest only the trusted one. In this free affiliate marketing course chapter five, you will learn some of the popular affiliate marketing platforms. Here is my list:

Amazon associate. One of the oldest affiliate programs.

amazon associate

Years in business: 25 years and counting

Kind of business: Online (Ecommerce)

Product: Physical and digital

Affiliate Approval time: 12-24 hours (May vary)

Commission: Up to 10%

Website required: My suggestion is yes

Join now Amazon Associate  



ShareAsale is an award-winning affiliate marketing network.

Years in Business: 17 years

Kind of business: Affiliate marketing

Merchants: 4000 Plus

Products: Physical and digital

Affiliate Approval time: 12-24 hours (May vary)

Commission: Up to 50%. Also per sale

Website required: Yes, you must have your own website

Join ShareASale



Like Shareasale, Clickbank is also an affiliate marketing network, that sells digital products worldwide.

Years in Business: 17 years

Kind of business: Affiliate marketing

Merchants: Over thousands

Products: Both Digital and physical products

Affiliate Approval time: Fast

Commission: Up to 75%.

Website required: Not necessary. But good to have

Join ClickBank



Like ShareASale, JV Zoo is also a promising affiliate marketing network

Years in Business: 9 years

Kind of business: Affiliate marketing

Merchants: Over thousands

Products: Digital products

Affiliate Approval time: Fast

Commission: Up to 75%.

Website required: Not necessary. But good to have

Join JVZoo

Blue Hosting


Years in Business: 17 years and continuing

Kind of business: Web hosting

Products: Various web hosting

Affiliate Approval time: Fast

Commission: 65 USD per signup

Website required: Yes, you need a website

Join Bluehost

And how could I forget Moreniche 


Join their unmatched affiliate marketing and promote health, weight loss, and bodybuilding products.

Look at the screenshot and see what they say about the affiliate marketer.


Join Moreniche

Chapter six: Find your niche

Now that you learned why you should choose affiliate marketing. In free affiliate marketing course Chapter 6, you will learn how to pick a niche. Within affiliate marketing there are many niches (categories). Here you need to be little smart. Think of big market, where people buy year after year. Think of volume. More sales more money.

Here is list of most profitable niches (No particular order)

  1. Fashion
  2. Beauty
  3. Health and wellness
  4. Travel
  5. Make money
  6. Hobbies
  7. Pets
  8. Romance

Let me show you some numbers, I mean who offers what.



There are loads of opportunities in beauty affiliate programs and it is surging year after year. According to Internet retailer data, the online sale of beauty category will reach more than $5 billion. You can promote anti-aging to makeup kit.

On average most of the companies, offer 8 to 10% commission. Some companies pay even 20% commission per sale. There are over 80 beauty companies offer affiliate marketing program. You could imagine what the market size is.

Health and wellness


As per the source, the health and wellness economy will reach approx 430 billion in coming years.

Wellness companies love to pay 5 to 40% per sale. You can promote cannabidiol oil, detox products, amino booster etc.



Like beauty and health, travel is also one of top niches. People love to travel for relaxing, rejuvenating, learning and strengthening relationships. This industry is little competitive. But the good thing is people travel round the year. This industry has good volume.

Worldwide online travel sale is expecting to touch approx 820 billion USD. You can sell holiday packages, flight tickets, rooms, and other travel products. The commission varies from 10 to 30% deepening on no. of sales.

Make money

Make money

Make money online niche is one of the most searched terms on Google. This niche also a million-dollar industry. Moreover, this industry is still young and offers many opportunities. You can sell a bunch of products including hosting, domain, ebook, lead generation, SEO, SMM, email marketing, affiliate marketing, video, website theme, plug-in, and more. There are over 50 ways to make money online.

Companies offer up to 50% commissions, which is why online marketers make thousands of dollars from online marketing. Get into this industry, if you have strong domain knowledge.



This industry is another promising niche. I do not have exact data to share, but in recent time, Amazon and Walmart generated 14 million USD in the US. Commission starts from 5 to 10% per sale.



In the US alone online pet product sale surged to 3.5 billion last year. In 2018 the worldwide online pet product sale was 72 billion USD and definitely worth considering. You will 8 to 10% commission per sale. You can sell all types of pet products.



The value of online dating industry in the US is 2.5 billion USD. One of the best programs. Not only you will earn from affiliate marketing, but also you can start your own dating site You can promote dating sites, membership, travel packages, etc.

Chapter seven: Find a domain name and hosting

Until now, you learned about affiliate marketing, and niches. Now it is time to know about domain name and hosting.

A domain name is the name of your blog and hosting, where you will make your site live. People can view your blog online. For both domain and hosting, I will recommend Bluehost and Namecheap.

For domain name go for Namecheap.

Free Domain & 50% off Shared Hosting

Namecheap not only offers domain name but also unparalleled hosting services as well. Check their service below:

Shared Hosting - from $2.88/mo

I recommend both Bluehost and Namecheap.

Let’s understand the types of domain name.  I will explain why you should own them.

Brandable domain: This will be your main domain. Find a catchy name that is easy to remember. You can include all necessary tabs, header, and footer. Even you can add shopping cart as well. All your great content will publish here. This site will take your brand to the next level. This is your parent site.

EMD: Why I insist on you to buy an EMD domain. EMD stands for Exact Match Domain. If you ask me why EMD is required? The answer is, there are chances where you may not rank all your topics, coz there are other players who rank for the same topic. In order to rank those topics, it is advisable to book EMD. For example, your topic is “lose weight with red tea” so you will buy a domain name “”. Please note that domain extensions may not available like .com/.net/.guru etc.  But the bottom line is to buy that domain.

PMD: PMD stands for Partial Match Domain. For example, my tips for lose weight. You can buy this kind of domain as well. I recommend Namecheap for domain name. 

For web hosting, you can visit Bluehost

Chapter eight: Working with WordPress

WordPress is a Content Management System, where you can build your website. In other words, WordPress is a platform that allows you to create website by installing themes. Themes are templates. With the help of theme, you will build the website. Some templates are free some are premier (paid one).

Finding a suitable WordPress theme

There are thousands of themes available. Which WordPress theme to choose? Choosing theme is vital. Coz this is where you grab your audience’s attention. But how you know what your audience is looking for?  Let’s discuss those factors.

  • Faster load (less than 2 sec)
  • Neat and clean theme
  • Look and feel
  • 100% responsive (open seamlessly in mobile, laptop, tablet)
  • Safe and secure
  • Soothing color
  • Smooth font
  • Flexible layout (You can change the layout)
  • Banner for monetization
  • SEO compliance
  • Third-party plug-in (Add on features)
  • And the support

All these things you will find only from the Premium theme. So Avoid FREE theme. If you want to purchase premium theme, I personally recommend Theme forest themes (Envato Market). Below I have suggested top to bestseller WordPress themes.



Once you purchase the theme, save your theme on your desktop. These are premium theme including blogs. All the themes are responsive and high-speed uploading time.  Click the left side banner and explore.

Added to this I have personally checked and picked some top themes. Please check below:

Newspaper theme: #1 news theme with 92000 sales.

Suitable for affiliate marketing. You can create your eCommerce store as well. Preview Newspaper theme

Porto is another great theme. 41K sale with 4.9 / 5 rating

Preview Porto theme

My other themes are:


Jupiter – Elementor Multi-Purpose Theme

Uncode – Creative Multiuse WordPress Theme

Impreza – Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Later you can upload the theme. I will explain that as well.

Installing WordPress. Here are steps to install WordPress:

Once you purchase the domain and hosting, you will all get all the details including CPanel. Bluehost is a wonderful platform that helps you installing WordPress theme. You can find loads of resources and tutorials including video walkthrough.

How to install wordpress

You can also find WordPress guide

wordpress guide

If you are non-techie and do not know how to install it. Do not worry. We will help you out with our professional services. We charge an affordable price to build high speed and SEO friendly website

Chapter nine: Working with website

I am not talking about the technical aspect of header and footer, but in terms of navigation, tabs, and other elements. In general, you will see home, about us, service, contact us and all. However, as an affiliate marketer, you need to streamline tabs.

In the below image, you can see there are eight tabs. However, these are not as per our needs. So make sure you change this.


Let’s take an example. Think you are planning to promote a weight loss product. For a weight loss product, your site should include a header that should look like this.

Home | Weight Loss Diet | WL for Men | WL for Women | Recipe | Review | Exercise | Shop | Contact

Now, this header looks more meaningful. And for the footer, you can add this kind of element.


About us and other things you can add at top/bottom, it’s your call.

Couple of things I have changed like diet plan, exercise, men, and women. However, some affiliate marketers, add about us and contact us at the footer. Another thing, where we can add banners to make your site engaged. More engaged more money. Coz, we are here to make money thru affiliate marketing.

For a perfect header, you should have all the necessary tabs and banners. Likewise, in the footer area, you need to add certain tabs to make your blog safe and free from any legal matter.  In the above images, I have shown what and all you can add in the footer.

Let me tell you what elements you can add in your blog are:

  • header (add necessary tab)
  • footer (add necessary tab)
  • Search box (comes in header area)
  • Banner (comes in header area)
  • Sidebar (sign up form)
  • Sidebar Banner
  • Archive
  • Social sharing icons

Chapter ten: Must have plug-in

In this free affiliate marketing course chapter 10, we will learn what is plug-in and its importance. In addition, I will recommend “Must Have” plug-in for every blogger; coz end of the day, our blog has to be safe, secure, faster and should run seamlessly.

WordPress plug-in is a small piece of software that adds extra features to your blog. By adding plug-ins, you will get an upper hand.

Since I am an affiliate marketer/blogger, I know which plug-in will work for you.

Akismet Anti-Spam (Free): Works against spam. It checks all comments automatically and filters out the comments that look like spam.

WordFence (Free): Protect your site from threats and malware. Over 2 million WordPress websites benefit from this plug-in.

WP Super Cache (Free): It provides light version (HTML flies) of your webpage to visitor instead of PHP files. PHP files are heavy. Do not think much about the technical term.

Google Analytics (Free): This WordPress plug-in enables you to track your site using the latest Google Analytics tracking code.  I will show you how to this step by step.

Google XML Sitemaps (Free): You can use this plug-in to improve SEO immensely. Creating XML sitemaps help search engines like Google and Bing to index your site.

ThirstyAffiliate (Free): Do you want someone to steal your money? No right? Here comes ThirstyAffiliate that not only cloak your link but make it shorter.

TablePress(Free): With TablePress, you can create tables. You can also embed tables in post and in pages as well.

UpdraftPlus (Free): One of the trusted WordPress backup plug-in. It just takes less than 3 minutes.

Yoast (Free): This plug-in is the lifeline of your blog. If you want to rank your blog, you need to SEO. This plug-in helps you to do SEO work. Over millions of users have been using this plug-in since 2008.

AddToAny (Free): If you want your reader to share your content, this plug-in helps to do that.

Wp Smush: Search engines like lightweight websites. Images are heavy is size, which can slow your website. You need a plug-in that can resize, optimize, and compress all of your images. Wp Smush does it for you.

SEO Redirection: When you remove some pages from your website, it becomes 404. 404 pages bad for SEO. To make 404 pages friendly you need to redirect to your website. With this plug-in, you can redirect your pages to your home page other pages that you wish to redirect.

TOC plug-in (Free): For a longer blog, you need a table of content. For viewers, it will easy to navigate.

Structured Content (JSON-LD): Helps your blog for better ranking. A must. Do not ignore this.

WPS Hide Login: Simple yet powerful plug-in. This plug-in keeps hackers at bay.

Chapter eleven: Ins and outs of keyword

In this free affiliate marketing course chapter eleven, you will learn about keyword research. Let me be honest and straightforward. If you want to make money, you need visitors.  And to get visitors your content has to be optimized. In addition, you need nice keyword with good search volume.  Before I move further, I want all of you to install free keywords chrome extension. Personally, I use Ubersuggest. You will get keyword details including monthly search volume and completion. Just type Ubersuggest.

Let us understand what is keyword and how to use it. People look for something; they come to search engines like Google and Bing. They type on the search box and get the result. Whatever they type is called keyword(s). As an affiliate marketer, you need to choose your topics carefully. In other words, customers’ search queries (keyword) is your topic.

However, simply choosing a keyword does not solve your problem. Choose a keyword, which is having less competitive and good amount of search volume. In this scenario, you always go for long-tail keyword. Keyword that is more than three words and more.

Single keyword won’t help you. You need to add least two to three types of keywords:

  • Primary keyword (Your main keyword)
  • Secondary keyword (supporting keywords)
  • LSI keywords (synonym keywords)
  • Problematic keywords (how to, what is, why you ) [ 50 to 70% keywords start with question]

Let’s take an example. How to lose weight. I already mentioned in Chapter Two.

how to choose to keyword

keyword volume


You can how to lose weight has 24600 monthly visitors and SEO difficulty is 47. It means competition is higher. So do not choose this keyword. See what got for you. A wonderful keyword, which you can target.

how to lose weight in one month


Go for less competition and good volume. I have shown one keyword, as it has less competition and good volume.

You can target below keywords as well, as they are low competitive.

more keyword with low competition

What you see here is supporting keywords. Most of the keywords are problematic keywords. Now you decide which keywords you would select and prepare the content.

If you want to explore keywords research, you can go for these free tools:

Chapter twelve: SEO Content writing

This part is very important for affiliate marketer coz; this is where you make money. This is where readers take action. So what is SEO Content Writing? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It helps your website/blog in ranking and getting organic visitors. When people search for something on Google or Bing, they find your site on the first page of the search engine.

Quality content writing makes your visitors engaged. More engage more money.

Let us understand how to write SEO content.

Word counts matter. Make your topic at least 1000 words. You can make it even 2000 or more. If you write longer content, people spend more time on your site. My free affiliate marketing course is 6000 plus words.

Here is a list to follow for SEO content:

  • Make your content interesting
  • Write informative content
  • Provide examples
  • Use Heading (H1, H2, H3 up to H6)
  • Write small paragraph
  • Do not use passive voice
  • Use bullets and list
  • Use keywords in headings, paragraph
  • Write pros and cons

Chapter thirteen: Content calendar

In my free affiliate marketing course, I have tried to show little about content calendar. Let me ask you why do you need Content Calendar? My answer is to streamline your content and their status. Make sure your content plan is on the right track and you focus on your key area that is conversion. You will achieve conversion when your content plan is perfect.

Source says, in order to succeed in affiliate marketing, you need to have 400 (four hundred) topics in a calendar year. It means 33.3 topics a month. How you do manage all these. You will publish not just posts, but videos, ebooks, social media, Q&A, etc. This is why you need a calendar. I will share calendar template. For the time being take a look at the screenshot.

content calendar

Chapter fourteen: Publishing your first post

In chapter 12, we talked about SEO content writing. Now in this chapter, we will discuss how to add content and publish. I will show you step by step. First thing is to install an SEO plug-in. I recommend Yoast SEO, as it is friendly and free. Yoast has got premier service as well but go for a free one.

The next step is to create a post, and then optimize it with Yoast. When I say SEO. It means we will do on-page optimization. SEO has two parts on-page optimization and off-page optimization.

Let me talk a bit about on-page and off-page. On-page optimization is to optimize web page/post by adding a title and some tag. Alternatively, we can say, adding code on our page. Actually, we are not creating any code as such. The plug-in will do everything for us.

Off-page is all about promoting your site, which we will later. In SEO language, off-page optimization also known as link building.

Let’s come back to the point.

Install Yoast plug-in and activate. It takes a little time.

In Chapter twelve, we talked about content writing. Write original content. Once you are done with content, next job is to do on-page SEO.

Let us arrange everything.

  • Title of your blog post (you will write for your web page)
  • Title for SEO title. Make sure it should not exceed 65 character
  • Meta description. Use your keyword here too. You can write in sentence form.
  • Two images (May vary)
  • One infographic
  • If possible make one video (suggested)
  • Add one table to show data
  • Schema code

Chapter fifteen: Search console and analytic

Now you have written a topic, what next?  Do not you wish to check your status and visibility of your website. How your keywords are doing.  Are your pages getting indexed or not. Is there any issue? To know all these you need to submit your website to Google search console. It is free. This is all about to know the statue. But what about analyzing?

Here comes Google analytic to analyze your website visitors. Another free tool from Google, which will tell you visitors, behavior, location, goal, bounce rate and goal as well.

Which one do you need to first? I suggest you go for Google search console and then Google analytic.

To add a site visit Google search console and add a property. And you will see this.

add a site in google search console

Chapter sixteen: Choosing your affiliate marketing program

You might be thinking, why this chapter at the end of this guide. This should have been somewhere at top. Right? Many of you would be wondering. The simple answer is to make you familiar with the affiliate marketing journey.

If you do not know the background how to be successful in online marketing. You can directly join any affiliate marketing network, but most of the networks simply reject your application. Coz you don’t have any content on your web site. You have content, but they are not SEO friendly. Which is why I explained all the necessary points in my earlier chapters?

How to choose right affiliate marketing

  • Company background
  • Product value
  • Product benefits
  • Add on products
  • large audience
  • recurring
  • good commission
  • Promotional material
  • Support

Chapter seventeen: Strategies to promote your page

In my free affiliate marketing course chapter seventeen, I will tell you some strategies, which you can follow. As a beginner, you may feel feeble or desperate, since you do not have any ideas or strategies. Some affiliate marketers even lose interest. Here I jot down the best strategies.

Choose a good niche [but go for micro niche]. What I mean, if you choose lose weight as a niche, go for a micro-niche. Therefore, in this scenario, your micro-niche could be lose weight diet. Another would be lose weight drink. 

Go for long-tail keyword. If you consider lose weight diet, you long tail keyword would be like this. Top 10 lose weight diet

Publish at least one article a day. Statistic says, if you publish 400 articles a year, your income may touch triple as compared to your last six-month earning.

Free download. Another strategy I would recommend is to allow your visitor for free download ebook. On your website, use free download plugin. Your website will get more visitors and leads

Build your community on social media sites: This is one of the best ways to engage your website and get visitors. Create your own group on social media including Facebook, YouTube, Reddit and more.

Offer coupons and deals: Want to help your visitors? Why not adding offers and deals? They look out for offers and deals. By adding coupons and deals on your site, not only help your visitors but also increase your earnings.

Create your YouTube channel and talk about your merchants’ product: Creating YouTube channel is one of the best strategies. If want to get quick traffic, then create videos about your product, upload it, and do SEO. As I told earlier, publish one article a day. In the same fashion, publishing videos also give you tons of targeted visitors

Paid campaigns: Sometimes go for paid campaigns (PPC, social media Ads). If you are looking for instant visitors, go for some paid campaigns such as Google Ads, Bing Ads, and Facebook paid campaigns.

Be active and focus: Persistency is the key to success. It means, do not give up at any point of time. You may have that feeling that after publishing some amount of content. You may ponder I do not see any result or visitors. If you feel something like this, pause a little. Do not publish any fresh article instead, analyze your content where you made mistakes. Is content value-added or you have written thin content. In this free affiliate marketing course Chapter 12 and 13, I have clearly written about keyword, and content writing. You can follow that.

Do not depend on a single affiliate network: There no need to fear about affiliate marketing, since there is no dearth of affiliate marketing networks. However, do not depend on a single affiliate. Joint at least three affiliate marketing networks.

Make sure you leverage all these strategies but again do not forget to write quality content.

Chapter eighteen: Getting traffic to your site

You have a beautiful website with quality content, but your website is not getting enough traffic or getting little traffic. This is frustrating isn’t it? There is only one success mantra is to get targeted traffic. If you get traffic, you make money or else gone.  In chapter 18 of free affiliate marketing course, I will show you some of the free traffic generating methods.

Added to free traffic, you also need to go for paid traffic as well, since you need continuous traffic.

Let us talk about free traffic. In addition, the end of this chapter, I will also mention about paid traffic (sponsored ads)

Free traffic resource

Affiliate marketing industry is developing every moment with latest technique. Today’s techniques may not work for tomorrow. Therefore, to abreast your knowledge you need to learn smart ways get free traffic.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is one of the best organic methods to get free traffic. By implementing the right SEO techniques, you will get traffic and get ranking for your webpage. However, it takes times. Somewhere between two months to years. Choose long-tail keyword and get traffic.

Social media marketing (SMM)

Like SEO, social media marketing is equally important for free traffic. Not just free traffic, you can build your community, so that you can promote your page.  Create meaningful posts and share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube.

Forum posting

Forum is another free way to get traffic. Nevertheless, some forums do not allow any backlink to your site. Some forums allow provided you publish at least 10 to 30 articles.

In my other post, I have provided the best 30 ways to get traffic, leads, and sales.

Paid traffic

Cannot wait for organic traffic? Understood, being an affiliate marketer, you need something speed right. Yes, you need fats traffic as well, but do not stop SEO, SMM. Here is a list of paid traffic

Pay per click (PPC)

PPC is one of the most popular methods for paid traffic. You pay to the advertiser when someone clicks your webpage. Here is what you need to do.

Choose your keywords, target audience, location, and budget. That is it. Your PPC is ready to go. Google Ads and Bing Ads are the popular PPC advertising platforms you can trust.

In my paid traffic post, I have discussed the top 50 paid traffic resources, which you can follow.

Chapter nineteen: Protect your affiliate commission

Who does not like hard-earned money? You are publishing quality content, promoting, and getting money as well. However, the sad part is (especially for the beginner); hackers manipulate your affiliate link and make money without even doing any work.

Hackers use software that decodes everything and then redirect your affiliate link to their website.

Cloaking your link: By using this technique, you can shorten your link and then hide everything of your original link.

Chapter twenty: Affiliate marketing mistakes

To err is human. Affiliate marketers make mistakes too. If we will be proactive, we will perform better. In order to run your affiliate marketing immaculately, you need to avoid some common mistakes. Let me show you.

  • Choosing the wrong niche. If you do not have any business knowledge, do not pick that. Do what you love. Yes, I agree there are certain niches, where you do not require special skills or knowledge. So pick the right niche
  • Pick only reliable affiliate network. I do not want your hard work goes in vain. In Chapter 5, I have written some of the trusted affiliate marketing networks. But then you need to take your call.
  • Buy premier WordPress theme: Do not for cheap or free theme. Any time it may betray you. Another thing, you may not get support, when you need it. When you aim for big money, your online business platform should not be fragile. Go for the premiere theme. I have written blog on top bestseller themes, you can read my WordPress theme post.
  • Go for a reliable hosting: Your website really needs blazing fast speed to upload. Do to go for any unrecognized hosting provider. Read my recommended hosting company and decide where to go.
  • The biggest mistake is here: Never, ever handover your web hosting credentials to a developer. Do not do business with strangers. Never share your detail without verifying the web developer and hosting reseller. Trust comes first and rest later.
  • Do not write poor content: Content is crucial for website rank, visitors, and lead. Make sure you write meaningful and customer-centric content.
  • Not tracking you website: Sudden drop in visitors or website slow? Check your site performance regularly. Analyze your website every day.
  • Be regular: Another mistake is not publishing content regularly. You lose faith and trust.
  • Not updating knowledge: Online marketing is evolving quite often. Technologies that worked 5 years ago, might not work for you. So update your knowledge.
  • Free tool not enough: Free tools are good tools but not good enough to surge your businesses. Buy some premiere tool that helps your business grow

Chapter twenty one: Conclusion

I hope you liked this free affiliate marketing course. In this course, I have tried to explain as much as possible from keyword to theme, SEO to promotion.

Yes, you can make money. It needs dedication, deep research, and a never-give-up attitude. Do not plunge into the river without measure the depth. Move systematically. Do not depend only on a single income source. Make options open. Keep learning.

Thanks again for taking the time out and read my free affiliate marketing course. Keep visiting my site for digital marketing blog.

All the best



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