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Make money online with these sites [my recommended sites]

When it comes to “make money online”, people become more focused. They do search on the Internet, and finally, pick the one that they like. 

I know there are many options to make money online, but choosing the genuine one is daunting. In this post, I will be showcasing some of the sites, that really help you. I will suggest some sites, that you can refer to.

I will neither force you to join those sites or nor insist to buy any tool at all. This post will simply explain the sites and their products. These sites include survey sites, content writing, autopilot and money making systems. Please note that these sites are not free. You need to pay little money to join these sites. Please take your own call before joining these sites.

op rated sites for online income


K Money Mastery [Make Money With Kindle Publishing]

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Tell me who does not like book reading? We all love book. Be fiction, or technical or business. Books give us knowledge. In today’s world, everything is online. Now people read books on the go. Not the hard copy but the soft copy. If you are wondering how people read the soft copy, the answer is Kindle. Kindle does it all. We also call it ebook or e-pub.


Now the question is how to make money from Kindle publishing? You need some guide or some professional help, where you can learn and earn money. That’s what, I am going to tell you. K Money Mastery does it all for you to make money. But what is K Money Mastery?

K Money Mastery is an internet marketing company that offers video tutorial, that teaches step by step.  You can see the course module below.

K Money Mastery-course-module

The latest course is K Money Mastery 2.0. For more details visit their site.

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Get paid for writing [WriterHelpWanted]

Are you wondering how people make money from content writing? The answer is they are experienced. If this is your answer, then you are wrong. Those writers may be experienced, but the catch is, they are smart, very smart.  They know who pays more, and which categories have more demand.

That’s what I am going to discuss. To be a smart content writer you need to be professionally trained. Not just a trained writer, but an industry standard writer. When I say industry standard writer, it means you should know the process, know-how, quality benchmark, and subject knowledge. 

Since you are new to the industry, you miss the bus, I mean the smart guys take a big chunk of the project and leaving few opportunities for others.

So, what is the solution? You need someone, who can guide you. There are options. You may join a content writing course, and pay a hefty amount as a course fee. Alternatively, you can join some company, that can help you.

Here comes WriterHelpWanted, that makes you smart content writer. Alice Seba and Ron Douglas are founder of this company and having years of experience.

Their course offers 5 modules, where you can hone your skill and at the same time earn healthy money. If you are writers, bloggers, and freelance content writer, this course is for you.

From my personal experience, I can tell you how you can make money with writing. Your target audience is:

  • Small business owner
  • eCommerce company
  • Web portals

These people need content on a regular basis. If you looking leads, join groups like Facebook and LinkedIn.

Coming back to WriterHelpWanted. When you join this course, you will be able to learn;




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