How to start content writing business

 How to start a content writing business? Follow this step by step guide

how to start your content writing business


 Writing for a living can be a rewarding and fun career. If you have the right mix of talent, experience, and self-motivation, you might prosper with your own content writing business. Low start-up costs and flexible hours are just a few perks associated with starting a writing business out of your home. Drafting a business plan and ad. In this post, I will showcase how to start content writing business

Today, everyone can become an entrepreneur because there are varieties of businesses that one can start through the internet. As all kinds of businesses, as well as individuals, need content, starting a content writing business is a good option. If you love to enjoy writing and believe that others could enjoy reading your work then you should consider starting a content writing business.

 Why choose content writing business

In today’s digital world all businesses are leveraging digital platforms to promote their business. Since this is dynamic, readers or audience expect fresh and engaging content. To obtain quality content, many organizations depend on content writing agency.

Source says, there is a dearth of trusted agency, hence leave huge opportunities for content writing startups.

Added to this, there are tons of bloggers looking for content writing agencies, which can provide them regular content.

Here is why you should consider this business:

  • huge earning potential
  • not too many players
  • 90% of businesses going the digital way
  • less investment

Steps to initiate content writing business


What kind of writing job you can provide? What are other writers charging for similar work? Can you compete with those other writers in terms of quality and cost? Answering these questions in a thoughtful, thorough manner will give you a solid sense of where and how you should be directing your writing business.

Contact other writers in your field or a similar field to ask for advice and tips on how to start and grow your own writing business. Writers are friendly folks and many will be willing to help you.

 Company registration

First things first.  Register your company. It could be a sole proprietorship or be a pvt limited.  You need these following things:

  • PAN card
  • GST (may applicable)
  • Get a bank account
  • Get company seal
  • Letterhead, business card

In fact, most of the companies going for online registration. To put it another way, you can search for local consultants online and get a reliable provider. Specifically, go for the one who provides all-in-one services such as registration, income tax documentation, monthly tax report, and tax filing etc.

Online requirements

To start a content writing business you have to choose your business name, build your website and buy the domain name and hosting. You can also add your sample articles but other than that here are a few things that need to be covered while registering your business:

  • Buying a domain name and hosting
  • Choosing a nice theme

Book your own domain here.

And for hosting, you can go here:


For theme, you can refer

Things you need to start content writing business

If you want to start a content writing business then you will need the following things:

  • Computer
  • Printer
  • Telephone
  • Hire freelance writers

Cost involved for content writing business

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Promotions and lead generation

There are various methods to promote your websites to get visitors and leads. As your website is newly built you need to have instant visitors. To make this happen you can go for paid activities such as PPC like Google Ads and Bing PPC. You need to for social media paid activities such as Facebook and LinkedIn. This type of promotion called sponsored ad.

You can promote your site thru organically called search engine optimization (SEO)

How to earn 1,430 USD per month from writing

Let’s do little math and find out the best possible way.

To earn 1430 USD a month let’s target 20 clients at least. For instance, each client gives us a business of 143 USD.

So  143 x 20 = 2860 USD

This amount will yours earning per month. Let’s find out the profit. If you keep 0 to 45% profit that comes around 1287 USD.

However, the question is how to get 20 clients.

The best way is to go for Pay Per Click (Google and Bing). Do not forget SEO and social media.

To get 20 clients, you should aim for 200 clicks. In addition, you have to do SEO, SMM and paid promotions

Tools and tips

Customer engagement is the key to success in any business. When it comes to content writing business, you need to have some premier tool to deliver quality content.

  • Buy tools like Copyscape and Grammarly
  • Get an invoice tem­plate in QuickBooks, Quicken, or Word
  • Create a com­pre­hen­sive pro­posal tem­plate
  • Write some sample to showcase your prospective clients
  • Create a work­sheet to track
  • Discuss commercial (advanced payment)
  • Ask for testimonial
  • Leave your busi­ness cards in as many places as possible.
  • Every time you mail a pay­ment for billing, including signature
  • If you have a web­site, make sure to add the URL to all your busi­ness doc­u­ments

Furthermore, you need to do a SWOT analysis to learn how your website is behaving. Write blogs regularly to engage your customers. It will help in generating leads.


In a nutshell, you got a good understanding of starting a content writing business. I have mentioned all the necessary points that may guide you. If you want to be successful in this business, deliver quality content within the promised time. Coz this industry demands on-time delivery. Keep your writers in control.

Hope this post makes you confident to take the next leap and start one. You can check my other online business ideas. I have published the top 20 online business ideas that may be interesting. 


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