List of web 2.0 websites

Get 70 plus verified list of web 2.0 websites [2020]

List of web 2.0 sites

Looking for a list of web 2.0 websites, that can help your site growing. Here is a List of web 2.0 websites that I have prepared for you people. Trust me, if you include web 2.0 websites in your content strategy, there is a huge potential for traffic. Not in hundreds, you will receive thousands of traffic from these sites. Just keep posting your content in web 2.0 sites and within the span of six months, you will see the result. What I mean to say is how powerful these sites and the best part is you are getting them completely free.

Web 2.0 sites are great way to increase your website authority and SEO ranking and generate leads as well. Not only will that it but also help you in ORM. To give you more insight, I have prepared this List of web 2.0 sites. You can simply copy this list. In this post, I will explain about web 2.0 sites including benefits, and best strategies.

What is web 2.0 site

In simple term, web 2.0 site is UGC (User Generated Content) site, where the publisher (it means you) can create site, publish content including text, images, video, and create backlink. The best part of the web 2.0 site is, they are dynamic, free, and DOFOLLOW. Most of these sites are of high DA and PA.

Web 2.0 examples

When you take a closer look at web 2.0 site, it has a wider meaning. It varies for blogging, to video to app. Let me give you some Web 2.0 examples. Web 2.0 sites include blogs (WordPress, blogger), video (youtube, DailyMotion), photo sharing (Flickr) and more.

What is the purpose of web 2.0 sites?

Let us start like this. You want to watch video. What you will do? You will visit YouTube and watch your favorite video or series. Want to send urgent messages to your near and dear? You do WhatsApp. Planning for an outing? Book your table through App.

It all happens through web 2.0. The sole purpose is to share information, and knowledge to the end-user. These are UGC (user generated content- dynamic content) sites. Remember one thing we are to help humankind with our latest Internet technology called web 2.0

How it helps in building SEO backlink

If you need to make a link building strategy, web 2.0 sites play a vital role, as they provide you do follow backlink. I follow 70-30 strategy; it means 70% do follow and 30% no follow link building. You can check do follow web 2.0 websites from list and use for backlink.  If you ask me how it helps, my answer would be these sites allow you to publish content for you audience at no cost.

Why you should leverage web 2.0 websites

Being a digital marketing professional, you know how website engagement is important, coz it helps your site engaged and reduce the bounce rate.  However, these are not the only reasons, you will get much more benefits. Here I have provided some of the best reasons, why you should use web 2.0 sites.

  • Create free webpage and publish content
  • Product launching page
  • Very good for affiliate marketers and bloggers
  • You can create free landing page
  • Great strategy for ORM
  • Publish informative article
  • Get leads for free
  • Make money online with web 2.0 sites
  • Microsite especially EMD
  • Create your video channel

Top benefits of web 2.0 sites

When we think of next-generation online platforms, web 2.0 sites are the right example, as they are dynamic and interactive. What does it mean? It means sites are dynamic, which is why they share fresh content, make your site engaged, and eventually, you get business. This is the bottom line. Let me jot down top eight benefits:

  1. You get free user-friendly dynamic sites
  2. 99 uptime (never heard of downtime)
  3. Easily gain organic traffic (20 to 30 percent)
  4. Get quick SEO rank (sometimes less than 5 days)
  5. Increase your authoritativeness
  6. Engage your readers
  7. Great way to generate leads
  8. You can use for reverse SEO (negative SEO)

About this web 2.0 sites list

In this web 2.0 sites list, I have added those sites specifically that are of good DA-PA and at the same time, show spam score. Unlike other lists, this list has some special features. To make this list even more meaningful I have added monthly visitors. However, some of the sites, I did not find any monthly visitors. Please bear with me. But one thing i can tell you that this web 2.0 site list is different from other websites.

My recommendations to choose best web 2.0 sites

In order to build quality backlink, you need reader-centric quality content while leveraging technical SEO.

  • Select those whose spam score is less than 10%
  • Use title, subtitle, description
  • H1, H2 etc.
  • Healthy content with a minimum length of 800 words
  • Use video, images

Additionally, you can include images, video, infographics to make your site meaningful and engaged.

List of web 2.0 websites [Oct 2020]

Web 2.0 sitesDAPASpam score Monthly visitors

I made this list with this in mind that, you should get only quality content, not just a generic list. Hope you liked my list. I will come up with such meaningful posts that will help you.


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