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Updated Social bookmarking sites [2020/21 list]

List of Social bookmarking site

Are you an SEO professional notably looking for giving a boost to your SEO and drive traffic to your website? In the first place, all know that SEO is complex but on the positive side, because of all the tools available, SEO is becoming easier day by day. Social bookmarking site is one such tool that can certainly put a big impact. It fuels especially backlinks, which is one of the most relevant elements of SEO. But the first thing to remember without proper knowledge of the background, vocabulary and rules of these sites, it’s difficult to reap the benefits. With this in mind, I have come up with this post to provide you with all details of social bookmarking sites. Go through my post in order to gain complete knowledge.

What is social bookmarking site

Social bookmarking sites are useful online services that significantly store your bookmarks on a cloud server. You can access it anywhere. You can register on those sites to make bookmarks which again you can tag under several categories. Most of the sites are of high domain authority.

Social bookmarking sites have now become very popular as they help you in classifying and locating resources over the internet very easily. As a result, it comes in handy for those marketers who are promoting useful content and building awareness for their brand. Share your content on social bookmarking sites to increase user engagement.

10 benefits of social bookmarking

Social media bookmarking sites are great for off-page SEO. Here are a few potential benefits of social bookmarking:

  1. You get high-quality backlinks to your website
  2. You get significant traffic for making your post viral
  3. Enhances the page and domain authority of your site or content
  4. Your bounce rate decreases because of more audience showing interest n your content or website
  5. You get a wide-ranging platform to make a profile that is socially active
  6. Enhances social signals hence good metric for google rankings
  7. Give a boost to your brand awareness as well as popularity
  8. Increase your referring domains
  9. Rapid indexing
  10. A good effect on your overall SEO

Things to avoid while doing social bookmarking

If you are thinking to bookmark your content or website in various social bookmarking sites, then there are certain things to avoid:

  • In the first place, never violate rules and regulations of those bookmarking sites. Every site has different rules.
  • Do not make the mistake of creating a dull profile as some bookmarking sites are very sticky in giving approval.
  • They dint permit spamming. Make your profile very attractive by posting very catchy posts.
  • Provide relevant information for your audience. Provide blog address, a brief description along with some images to make your profile attractive.
  • Comment, like and share another relevant post to drive traffic towards you.
  •  Make an innovative title with a creative description for your post. Another key point adds some targeted keywords in keyword sector and selects the category that is perfect for your link.
  • Ensure you have chosen the correct category as well as a subcategory for bookmarking in order to get good outcomes and impact.
  • Avoid making multiple profiles

Check social bookmarking sites with DA, PA, and spam score

Social bookmarking sitesDAPASpam score Monthly visitors

Social bookmarking is important to increase your brand awareness and popularity. Moreover, it drives in constant traffic to your content or website by enhancing the user activity. For this reason, it is one of the best off-page SEO methods. Hence, jumpstart your social sharing as well as content marketing plans and get the best quality backlinks and traffics. These sites assist you in achieving your goal of reaching the first page of Google.


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