Top 20 online business ideas

Bored out of your mind and want a new job? Well, why not start an online business instead? Today, I am here to tell top 20 best online business ideas for you to start and make some healthy money.

Online business ideas


1. Make money with bogging [higly recommended] [Latest 2020]

We all enjoy reading blogs. Why not start writing them as well. Blogs can be a great source of passive income once you put up great content on the site and be regular in updating them. Nowadays we see travel, food, relationships and technology, etc. blogs cropping up everywhere; a field where anyone can be the expert!

Regular blog writing can also help you hone your writing skills, engage your audience, drive traffic and make money for your blog. All in all: a good deal! You can make valuable connections through your writing skills and savor the chance to share your knowledge. A high traffic blog can also adorn your profile, giving way to better business opportunities in this ever-competing world.  Know more about blogging

2. Affiliate marketing [best online business idea]

Got a blog and want some side earning from it as well? You are in luck as you can be the next big thing in affiliate marketing! It is a simple and elegant solution to your side earnings issue. What you will have to do is even more basic. You have to target a particular niche and promote other products on your blog or website.

When someone buys a product, you get paid! Simple enough is not it! The only catch is the affiliate marketing networks choose the affiliate marketer. That means you need to publish regular quality content, drive traffic. If your website or blog has good traffic, you can become a successful affiliate marketer. So, what are you waiting for? I have created a free affiliate marketing course, which will give you detailed info. 

3. Starting an SEO business: Make at least 70,000 USD in the first year

Do you like to surf the Internet? Of course, you do and everybody does! Have you ever thought why some websites are on the top list of Google and Bing? The answer is search engine optimization (SEO). A technique that helps a website in ranking. Keywords and structure content can quickly boost a site’s rank and brings traffic.

Small businesses often struggle to get rank and traffic on their websites just because of wrong little and keyword usage. That is where you step in (SEO business) and help those business owners. Just play around keywords and content. As the title says, you can make up to 70,000 USD in a year! So what are you waiting for, start today!

4. Become PPC consultant

Want to jump in behind the scenes action and want a challenging role? The job of a PPC consultant might be the perfect fit! Pay-per-click advertising is all the rage these days wherein the advertiser pays the fee every time you click the advertisement. The job is a bit challenging, as it requires a lot of commitment.

Let us understand a bit about PPC. It means Pay per Click. You pay some amount to search engines like Google and Bing. Each time someone clicks on your site, you pay an amount to search engines and in return, you get visitors.

The best part of PPC is business owners get instant visitors.

As a PPC consultant, your responsibilities include PPC strategies, goal setting, and ROI. There are also a variety of skills needed for this job like Google Adwords certified, Google Analytics certified, etc. which makes it a very challenging yet exciting job- and it pays well too!

5. Become a social media consultant

Do you know social media companies earn billions of dollars? I am sure you would have seen ads on social media sites like Facebook, YouTube. Companies advertise on social media, reach out to the target audience and make money. However, simply advertise on social media do not fetch customers. Companies need someone who knows social media strategies.

They continuously lookout for social media consultants, who can manage their work. If you want to become a social media consultant, learn social media marketing and start your consulting business.

6. Product review sites

We all love to state our opinions on any new product in the market, why not do it for money? This can be a great side business to pursue. Companies want a customer’s opinion to know how the product is going to perform in the market. Reviews like yours can help them as well as you!

Many sites offer the review part to the customers to improve their product or even their services sometimes. In addition, if you are good at staying neutral while providing an opinion, this might work out well for you! Your reviews should highlight pointers about the product’s usefulness, quality, and function to help customers choosing the correct product. Easy, right? So, what are you waiting for!

7. Content writing business

If you love to write content for others, maybe this job is suitable for you! Content writing is an excellent source of income if you are good at your work. That being said, you need to practice a lot more to hone your writing skills to compete with other writers. Using the right keywords also helps in the website searches and may end up in you getting better pay for what you write!

This job demands writers who can write engaging content for a website, email usage, and even write some interesting articles, brochures for companies, etc. If your writing is on point, so will the company’s website be too! As I said earlier, the job is varied and seldom gets boring!

8. Create an E-commerce Store

E-commerce stores are all the rage these days, some of them are being Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, etc. Owning one is not that hard either! Small businesses can be set up online to sell their products through the Internet, which give a boost.

The set up is not that hard too. You can even associate with the giants like Amazon to give your product an initial reach and then move up to your site. Some other platforms like Shopify, Bigcommerce, Volusion, Magento, etc. also provide services for the same. Newer and newer store crop up every day like Limeroad, Club Factory, Shein, etc. It proves that it is not a hard job to set up your own business online!

9. Create your online course

Have you ever felt the need for an online course related to something that you can’t wrap your head around? I am sure you do. That is where you can help others and yourself too! You can design a course, which you think is needed, and then make a website and get paid by people who take up the course.

All of these easily happen online, hassle-free and even pay you well for your expertise on a particular subject. You have to design your course, find a platform for it, publicize it and voila! You have a great passive income source at your service! The courses can be on anything; be it some technology or just academics.

10. Get paid to survey

Ever thought taking random surveys will pay you. Well, they sure do and they do pay well. Surveys can be very annoying when they pop up out of nowhere and consume time but these surveys are a way for companies to improve their products and services and if you are getting paid to do it then why not?

There are specific sites for taking surveys like these, and each survey can pay up to $50 the right amount indeed! As you progress in taking surveys, the amount that is paid to you may increase exponentially all for just filling up a survey! Pretty easy, right? Start taking surveys and make loads of money!

11. Make money from Fiverr

Fiverr has emerged to be the most popular site for outsourcing work in any field be it technology-related or a day-to-day tedious task. Businesses both online and offline are using Fiverr’s services to get their work done quickly. Jobs like content writing, logo designing, IT, voice over, etc. may require a large workforce, which can be easily outsourced to Fiverr.

If you have the skill and want to make quick and legitimate money then join Fiverr.  You can earn 5 USD to 200 USD. Even more.

12. Press release company

All of us know how more publicity is equivalent to more customers for almost anything like products, websites, etc. A press release precisely does the same job. You can be a part of the industry by starting a press release company because almost every corporate needs a press release.

From bloggers to companies with specific products, everyone can use the publicity for themselves. Bloggers sometimes even put a link in the press release to the blog to generate more traffic for their website. The link in the press release affects the traffic positively as well as improves the website’s position in searches. The press release business is booming and you can step in to make some good money out of it.

13. Start your email marketing business

We all are sometimes lazy to clean up our email, and many times, we notice our inboxes overflowing with emails. Many of those emails are promotional. These promotional emails are sent by companies to enhance the reach of their products. You can start a similar business of marketing through emails to improve ranges of companies they are willing to pay the right amount of money to publicize their products.

Smaller, catchy and to the point mails catch the eye of the customers efficiently rendering your email campaign to be a success! This method of marketing is still efficient and is listed amongst the top techniques to market a product, according to a recent study. So, step into this business as well!

14. Start your lead generation business [best online business idea]

You are probably wondering what lead generation is. Let me clear that for you. lead generation means targeting potential customers who show an interest in the products or the company. If you dig a bit, lead generation is to get the data from interested customers. It could be email, phone number, etc.

There are many ways to generate leads such as social media, blog, video, PPC, SEO and more. You need to create these systems/funnels to generate leads.

Once this system is ready, you need to drive traffic from one channel to these systems and voila! You have set up your own lead generation business.

15. Start your own PLR eBook business [new trend online business]

Most of us do not even have the faintest idea as to what is a PLR eBook. Well, I am here to tell you what it is and how you can make money out of it. PLR essentially means Private Label Rights that give you the right to rebrand and sell the product in this case, eBooks. This is an excellent business opportunity as finding PLR eBooks is not that difficult.

However, an eBook, which has been sold 1000 times already, won’t give you that much money so you have to choose your eBooks wisely. If you like books, then you will probably enjoy selling them too and the best part you can edit the eBooks and again resell.

16. Video animation business [most lucrative online business idea]

We see little cartoon characters, and all of us become nostalgic. At the same time, these characters prove beneficial in presentations as well. They tend to break the boredom and make the presentation look amazing. Now, this is the field of video animation, and if you’ve got the knack for it, it is a booming business these days!

There are many video animation software available online through which you can create your animations and sell them for a reasonable price. This can be a good business plan too! In addition, this software takes no time at all! Software like VideomakerFX, Animaker, Animated video maker, etc.  are usually one time investments and create many opportunities for you to use your imagination.

17. Web designing business

Have you ever worked with a poorly designed website and been stuck for hours looking for something? Well, we all have been there. If you have a knack for HTML designing and think, you can do better then this job is for you. A site that looks hideous can easily put off a potential customer that is human nature. You can put your designing skills to good use for small and large businesses alike that want to make their presence felt online.

So, working with small and large businesses and their websites you can build a fantastic portfolio as well, and the job pays well too! Companies would pay any amount to an excellent designer – you will have to work a little bit to get there.

18. Web hosting reseller [hot online business idea]

This field requires more effort and qualification than the others do. The reason is being the nature of the job. A web hosting reseller buys a host’s services wholesale and then sells them to customers for a profit. Sometimes the reseller is allocated a portion of the host’s hard drives and bandwidths to provide further services if necessary. The reseller might rent the server from a web hosting company or sell the shared facilities.

In other cases, the reseller is only permitted to sell the disk space and the bandwidth without renting a server from the web hosting company they applied a reseller account with. Overall, it is an emerging field to work in and pays you well!

19. Start your YouTube channel

Are you the person who keeps everyone around them motivated and happy? Well, then you can start your own channel on YouTube! No fancy studios, no elaborate props, just a small phone camera and you in front it can make a new youtube channel! It’s that simple! And if you’re not a professional, don’t worry- there are many new Youtuber like you. But if you work like a proactive, you can become a professional Youtuber and make money. Get more subscribers and views.

People who did not know what to do with their lives started on YouTube and became a star.

20. Start your online news website [new online business idea]

Another great idea to venture into is making an online news website. It will generate much of your passive income after you have put some amount of smart work to help the site gather around thousand views a day. Once the website reaches that mark, you can start with google ads and affiliate marketing on your webpage without any worries.

You can also assemble a small advertising team and instead of google ads, get some small-scale advertisements that will further boost your income from this website. Your team to ensure that only the best quality content is on display on your site, however, should carefully scrutinize the commercials. So jump right on in the bandwagon!

I hope that now, you are ready to be the boss of you and venture out to make money on your own with these top 20 online business ideas


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